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Sunday, August 16, 2009

First Impression of Iceland

I am glad I was here long enough to meet more people than the man from the 10-11, Iceland’s version of a 7-11, 24 hour store. From about an hour out to sea on the way to Iceland I had to use the restroom, WC for those Europeans who might be reading this. It was a sit down head call, for US Marines and Navy personnel. I was tired of using the 5 gallon bucket as well as tired of hanging my rear over the side of the boat.

We were almost to shore and I was looking forward to a real toilet. When we arrived we were directed by the Harbor Master to a public dock right next to the Icelandic Hydrogen sign, that is another really weird story. Customs showed right up as well as the Immigration Police. The police officer was super professional, I actually thought we were in some kind of trouble, then he ran up to his car and ran back down with a camera, can I take your picture? Sure,

We waked to a near by store and asked to use the restroom, he directed me to another store. It was after midnight and I tried to get into several restaurants and bars but I could not get in to use their restroom. By this time I had a real problem; it was fast becoming an emergency. I was about to soil my pants. I went into this 10-11, 24 hour store. Started looking for a restroom. I asked an employee if I could use the restroom, he said “Get Out”. I said please, I just came from America in a small boat and I need to use the restroom, it is an emergency. He said, “You are not in America you are in Iceland, GET OUT.” I said, please it is an emergency. GET OUT, please, I am begging you, His response, GET OUT, he looked like he was going to get violent, so I left thinking no wonder this country is in financial trouble if that is how they treat tourists. Tourism is one of their main industries. I think he thought I was a drunk. I looked red in the face from the sun and the wind, my eyes were red, I haven’t shaved in a week and I haven’t gotten my land legs back yet.

A few minutes later the manager at the Pizza Factory opened his store up and let me use it. Plop, Plop, Fiz, Fiz, oh what a relief it is.... I am so glad I stayed long enough to meet him and see so many other Icelanders. The vast majority are really great people.

Tonight we met Magnus who came by at midnight to show his kids our boat. Magnus is the star of Lazy Town a kids television show shown in 123 countries. He plays Spartacus, a super Hero. Here is what he said about our program.


  1. That Magnus explains it real well. Good Clip.
    YOu look much better there than the last picture.

  2. You spell it Sportacus, he encourages children to eat healthy and exercise.

  3. Magnus! You are so attentive... how many problems in the world...
    Thanks you for your generous heart and ideas