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Monday, August 3, 2009

Only 46 Miles To Greenland And After 6 Days We Want A HOT, HOT, HOT Shower And Meal

Ralph via SAT phone (transcribed – 2 calls combined)
Good morning this is Ralph. It’s been a long grueling night. It’s pretty out here, and the sun comes up about 3 AM. We traveled all night at 4 miles/hour and we are at 46.8 nautical miles from land. God is good to us, the seas are calm, waves about 2 foot, wind out of the north and we are happy with that. We are using our 9 horsepower motor and going slow for safety. We’ll talk to you when we get to Greenland. God Bless, have a great day.

When I get to town this tightwad cheap guy, me Ralph Brown is going to rent a hotel room and get into a HOT, HOT, HOT shower after 6 days on this boat. I love my brother to death, we get along great, no arguments or anything like that, but after 6 days we need to get off the boat walk around and get a hot, hot, hot shower and a hot meal.
Anyways we are safe and everything is going great. Our arrival is a little later than planned but all is well. Thank you so much! We’ll talk to you later. God Bless.

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  1. I am anxious foryou two to get your hot bath, shower, and some warm food. I have been following you alot. You must be headed somewhere besides Nuuk.
    I am so glad to see you are making progress.