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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Moving Forward Again

Ralph via SAT phone (transcribed)
Good morning this is Ralph. We are moving again at a heading of 060 ENE (East North East). We are not going to get in for another day and a half but we are running at about 4.5 knots. We are moving steadily out there and are grateful for the opportunity to do so. You should see the contraption we got built here, we got a banner on one side of the console and we got a board buried on the other side of the console. One person sleeps on the bottom and the other is on top driving. This protects us when we get an arctic blast.
We are now using our 9 horsepower which is running good and giving us good gas mileage. We have a stick taped to the handle and we got it bungeed to the seat to lock it in place, and we are moving, moving good.
The last two days, lots of thoughts were going through my head, but the one thought now is that we are moving, moving good! I did have a kind of sickening feeling in my stomach that this was not going to succeed, but today those thoughts have been replaced by the belief that it’s going to be possible .God somehow is giving us the ability to complete our voyage and we are grateful for what He can do.
You have a great day, God Bless you. Bye Bye

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