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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Yahoo answers the big question

I have news for them..................
The following question was posted on Yahoo Answers.....

What type of power boat is required to cross the Atlantic of the Pacific?
I know you can sail across the Atlantic or Pacific in a 30-40foot sailboat and many people have done it in much smaller craft.

My Question is: How about a power boat?
What length of boat would you need to attempt a trans-Atlantic crossing?
Obviously, fuel would be the primary concern. How much fuel capacity would this boat require?

Also, I would just like to throw in there: What price range are we looking at for a boat of this type?

Here are some of the answers in the order found.....

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker
It is possible and very practical to cross Oceans in moderate sized power boats. A good reference on this subject is "Voyaging under Power", byt Captain Robert P. Beebe, whichin its third or fourth edition. Basically you need a very seaworthy displacement hull, with a slow turning diesel engine and a large fuel capacity. There are a number of off-the-shelf boats being built today that can cross the Atlantic without modification, some can even cross the Pacific easily. Foremost among them are the Nordhavn boats. The 40, 45, and 46 are about the smallest craft that can safely and reliably do this sort of thing. They all have slow turning diesels, like the lugger (a brand), and generally have only a single screw. For a backup, there may be a smaller yanmar diesel with sailboat style folding propeller. These boats can go 3 or 4,000 miles on a single tank of fuel at 7 - 9 knots continuously, which is a lot better than any sailboat in this size range. A Nordhave 46, which is my favorite, can be found used, in good condition, well equiped for under $500,000. - in this market, maybe a lot under. Good luck
40 years sailing/voyaging experience.

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Most Ocean going boats, are in the 90' or larger range with at least 5,000 gal. fuel capacity. Often much more. While smaller boats have made the crossing with extra fuel on deck etc. it's not something you would want to try. Most yachts are fine for say 1500 mile trips. Something like a Hatteras or sun seeker, once your going to England,even with refueling in Nova Scotia, you need a 3500 mile range min. to cross safely. Most of these boats start in the multimillion range. Say $5 million. There are "rust buckets" cheaper, but you really need to stay away from them. In fact a 40' sail boat is far safer and you don' loose that much speed. The power boats cruise at 12-18 Knots.

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Last person to try it in a 45' boat left 3 years ago and had almost 1000 gallons of fuel. we will miss him. You are smoking some good **** if you think you can do this in a small power boat. Sail boats are designed for rough water, power boats are not

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Here is what you need !! worked on that awesome boat when she was in Charleston, SC, before her first attempt to break the world record, all I con say is wow.

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a very big boat.. unless u wanna die

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I think you get the picture. We are in a 21 foot flats boat that does not have a cabin or a keel. You need to read the last entry or two to get an idea.

It is called the I AM SECOND Wounded Hero Voyage, for a reason.

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