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Friday, August 28, 2009

We Are Trying To Beat Another Storm ! ! !

Ralph via SAT phone (transcribed)
Hi, this is Ralph, we just now left the Shetland Islands from the city of Scalloway, We are on our way to the Orkney Islands, the city is called Kirkwall, I am not sure of the name. We are not going to Stromness, the largest city in the Orkney Islands which are just north of Scotland.
Again we are racing a storm. We should have left last night, but we were exhausted. When we got here the Coast Guard advised us to not leave and so we chose to not leave. Anyways, we are leaving this morning. We are much fresher. It is daylight hours and we are going to try to beat the storm. If not, you can read about us in the newspapers!
You have a great day!
God Bless you. Bye

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