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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thousands Of Icebergs Everywhere ! ! !

Ralph via SAT phone (transcribed)
Boy are we just flying fast through all of these islands at the south end of Greenland. People are shooting at something out here, I don’t know, I guess that they are hunting seals, we just heard BOOM, BOOM.
There are icebergs everywhere! I say that there are several hundred. Bob says that he thinks we have passed over a thousand! We have had to weave through icebergs right and left.
Just a few minutes ago I dropped Bob off on some rocks to take pictures of our boat passing in front of an iceberg with gigantic mountains right behind us. Unbelievable!
Every town we go to the people run out and say “It is impossible, no way you crossed the Atlantic in a boat that big!” But we are here! That is what they say. Anyways, we got extra warm cloths to stay warmer, warmer socks. I am still wearing my clog to keep most of the heat in. Things are going good. God bless you.
We will try to get to the internet tonight and upload some of these pictures and videos. Look forward to them later. Bye

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