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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Despite Ice Everywhere Combined With Extremely Dense Fog We Have Made It To Tasiilaq Greenland ! ! !

Ralph via SAT phone (transcribed)
You should have been with us last night as we were trying to get into Kitak harbor. Kitak harbor was surrounded with icebergs, tiny chunks of ice everywhere. We had to go slow. In fact we shut off the main engine and we used the small engine to keep from damaging the main engine on ice. Ice was everywhere! We tried to get in from one angle. It was pitch black out, well not quite pitch black, but close though. It was real foggy out. We tried to get in from one angle and we could not get in. We tried to get in from another angle and we could not get it.
So we said, you know what, let’s just go, it is only 50 miles. We thought it was 50 miles but it turned out to be about 35 miles to the next city, Tasiilaq, and so we left.
We got to Tasiilaq and it was beautiful. It was an unbelievably beautiful drive, smooth as glass! The fog had cleared up completely. Then just outside Tasiilaq harbor we hit such a huge fog that we could not see anywhere. We came in real slow, looking everywhere, looking to the right, looking to the left, looking at the rocks. Then we saw lights. We finally found the lights! Suddenly the fog cleared, and we came in pretty quick. At About 3:00 in the morning it was broad daylight here, broad daylight! Then we tried to get in. We came in and we could not find a good place to dock. Eventually we did find a good place to dock.
Now we are in Tasiilaq harbor. We will spend the night here tonight. It is supposed to rain tomorrow morning, and then after it rains we are going to head for Reykjavik Iceland.
You have a great day, God bless you. Bye Bye

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  1. Hey Ralph & Bob,

    So glad to see that your finding your way and keeping safe. Everyone here at Benco is tuned in to your location and of course we have you in our prayers. The best is yet to come and God is on your side. Take care & God Bless!