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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Move The Boat

After 6000 miles and over 50,000 times slamming a 350 pound fuel tank on the deck we had some damages. We spent most of the day scrounging up some resin and glass. We never did get the bi axle we sought and had to settle for some cloth and mat. The repairs are basically completed. We plan to ship some stuff back home. We have been caring all kinds of junk around the world.

We should shove off tomorrow after checking the weather. It looks like we will change out itinerary to make some stops on the way. Check out the Shetland Islands. The storms have been coming too close together to try for London in one shot. We already set several world records on this voyage, so it doesn't make sense too worry to much about breaking the record we already own.

I still owe you a detailed report on the Faroes and Iceland. Both will take some time and hopefully I will get that time tomorrow. By the way we were on the front page of last nigts newspaper, the national radio each of the last several days, and on the news tonight.


  1. Thanks for the report. We were turning cartwheels and praising God after your last two reports. The prayers continue. Looks like the summer storms could be on the way. Godspeed!

  2. Today, got up, ate breakfast, went with Ralph and Elin for a radio interview (that was really cool) I usually don't have too talk much (I get a little nervous sometimes, Ralph is good at it). Went for a TV interview next, they looked at some of our video and picked out some for their News progam at 7 and 11:30 pm. Then they met us out at the docks to get some video of us and the boat.

    Elin drove us to some stores to get some resin mateials for the repair, under the gas tank. I guess we should have kept the straps tighter, so the 50 gallon gas tank wouldn't hammer the deck everytime the boat goes over a wave.(Thanks for all that helped by discounts, store advice,pulling the boat out of the water, and all the nice people that stopped by for a quick chat) We found out today that there is a possibility that a helecopter might video tape our departure from the Faroe Islands either on Wednesday or Thursday. (How cool is that, hopefully we can get a copy to share on the website).

    Elin then took us for a couple of hours in her car to explore the Faroe Islands. Since I am writing a book, I wanted more pictures of these beautiful islands. Among many other places we went, we saw where we got into trouble the other day arriving in the Faroes, around Tindholmur. This time we got to see it under calm conditions. Spectacular!! We walked down some steep stairs to view a waterfall and small waves splashing the shear rock walls of the clifts around some of the islands. Got to see some real beaches among the rocky coastling, rental housing with picturest views were only a few yards away, some professional surfers came to surf for one of the first time anyone ever surfed in the Faroe Islands, too bad the waves were small, I would have loved to go for a short session. A jet black horse stuck his head into the car while I video taped from inside the car. He was just out for a stroll along the road. Hairy sheep everywhere in the wild, just roaming around enjoying some sweet green grass, tunnels traveling as deep as 120 meters below sea level connecting two islands, flocks of birds over head, the airport among the hills, 4 planes flying overhead,salmon fish farms, potatoes growing in the fields, cows giving us a "What do you want stair," Night lights and small beautiful churches, just off the top of my head.

    We stopped at Elin's cousin's home where we ate dinner. They tried to get us to try some of their favorite foods, but we were not so brave. They loved them as we noted that Linjohn loved many of the same types of food. We ate our fill and showed their daughter our website so she could translate it to her parents who might not understand everything written down in the blogs. The kids are better at English than most of their parents since they watch more American TV and are taught English in school, amoung the other lanugages that many of the Faroees seem to know how to speak.

    We arrived back at the appartment just in time to watch the news. It is still weird for me to see myself on TV.

    Thankyou to all the really cool people in the Faroes that we will miss when we depart in the next day or two. Hopefully, when a documentary of our trip is put together, many other people around the world can see some of the breath-taking sites that Ralph and I have seen on our mission: to say more than thanks to our heroes and the families left behind.

    Bob Brown

  3. Bob,

    Don't know if you can read this enroute, but I've been following your progress. I still think you're nuts, but what an adventure. Godspeed Bob Brown!

    Jim Light

  4. Jim, email me so that I will have your address. Bob Brown