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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

ON The Ocean Again

In a few minutes we will leave out from the Faroe Islands on our way to the Shetlands a city named Scalloway. It is 10:55 pm on Wednesday, August 26 2009.
We waited for the huricane to pass, never came. We did make some repairs that needed to be done.
Left Torshavn earler today and stopped at the next southern island known as Sandoy and the harbor of Skálavík where we picked up fuel and visited the home of the Star. We have discovered that we did not panic when the big waves hit the boat we did panic when we thought the cookies were all gone.
Relief was quick as Lyder brought another plate.
We will be heading out momentarily and driving all night. We want to be in the Shetlands early in the morning and off to Orkin Islands later. There is a low pressure over Ireland now that will be moving over across Scotland then out to sea. We want to get to the coast of Scotland before the storm.
Bob and I decided not to wait for perfect weather and jump from Island to Island down to London and get there hopefully on or before Septemer 2. I will be updating from the sea.
We heard from a retired General who is sending out some emails inviting other retired officers to ban together to pay for a leg of the voyage.


  1. Glad you guys made it across the Atlantic. Made it quite a far way since our departure from Tampa. I bet you guys were scared hitting 10-12 ft. waves. I know I would have been. Anyways hope you guys have a safe trip and return home safely. Later Jason Mckean Email If you have any pics of me from Tampa please email them to me.

  2. Jason, when |I get back to the states, I will be glad to send you all the picture of you and then a small batch of the rest of the trip. See ya Bob