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Saturday, August 1, 2009

We Are FREEZING As We Near Greenland ! ! !

Ralph via SAT phone (transcribed - previous call at 5:39 PM was imposible to hear)
Hi, I just wanted to remind the people waiting in Greenland right now, the waves turned to us. We wintered up. Anyway we are freezing!
Thanks and bye


  1. So good to finally hear somethingfrom you 2.
    God is Great, you have seen the wonders he has made and the forces he puts in them.
    Hope you have ski mask, hats-several, googles,and gloves. You probably have put on everything you can find on the boat. Even getting close to the next source of heat on the boat-your bro.

  2. Worried after last Blog (Only 250 miles...)Was very concerned with your gas consumption in Head-on Seas and wind. I have been praying for a following sea and mild wind/waves for your journey. Please take all precautions to stay warm as Hypothermia will sneak up on you and it may be too late once you recognize the symptoms (if you do) Stay as DRY as Possible Please. Make Sure Your EPERB is in top form. God Bless...GOD watches over those who seek to help others...
    Your Friend in Cocoa, Mark B.

  3. You could even put lots of lotion on your skin for extra protection from the weather.
    Love Ya