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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Unplanned Stops

Unplanned stops seem to blow up in our faces. We were completely fine going on our planned path, but when Bob and I decided to make an unplanned stop, well you probably read the last blog, we had some real excitement. We tried to find a harbor entrance where there is not really a harbor and most come by helicopter. We tried to follow two fishing vessels that disappeared in the sea fog. We were following too far behind not by choice but simply they were that far ahead of us when we made the decision to follow them.

I just learned that the area we went through is one of the most dangerous places for a boat in the world. It is also one of the most beautiful if you come in day light. Our base map only shows one small island between two larger ones. The truth is there are several tiny islands with rocks and shoals as well as swirling currents and ten to twelve foot waves breaking into the boat. Each wave filled the boat with water. They were breaking all the way through the T-Top and pushing us towards the shoals.

Obviously, we made it out alive and with only minor damage. The Intruder did just fine, not so well for my lap top. God smiled on us. Sometimes when you get in trouble, if you simply turn around and go back where you came from you can fix the problem. What a great lesson for life. Changing plans in the middle of the stream usually blows up, another lesson I have heard all my life. Sometimes if you just do what you have been taught you do real well. I have to thank my dad for that lesson.
We should have picked up the satellite phone or the radio and checked out the new location before attempting to travel in waters we did not have on our plan or a chart.

Here is a picture of the area, click on it to make it bigger. Now imagine swirling waters and giant breaking waves while pitch black and just enough sea fog to reflect the spot light back in your face. I am glad we went back out to sea, because we would have never made it without knowing where the channel was.

We are being called The Last Vikings but my hat really goes off to them they did not have a spot light or a GPS.

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