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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dodging Ice and Islands

Icebergs sink boats. They won't sink this Intruder 21, but they might damage the prop. That is why we are doging these icebergs, an growlers, small chucks of Ice.

Right now I am sitting in the home of two Greenlanders we talked into taking videos for us. You have to realize how few Greenlanders there actually are. But they all seem so friendly. We met them today on our way from Qaqortoq to Nanortalik. I had dropped Bob off on some rocks to take pictures of the boat in front of an Iceberg. Anders and Aani came by in their boat. We talked them into taking pictures for us. It is almost midnight and they are allowing me to sit in their home and update the blog in the city of Alluitsup Paa, on an Island in Beautiful Greenland. (Pop 300)

Everyone seems to have a hard time believeing that we came from Florida in this flats boat, it is only 4,400 miles. What is the problem?

Guess What Happened to my camera, Watch this one from Canada Coast. We call it 4000 miles in a flats boat. Kodak, shoud know this Camera still works.


  1. You guys are my new heros!


    Georgs Kolesnikovs
    TomCat 24 At Last!
    Frenchman's Bay, Lake Ontario

  2. Hi there Bob and Ralph,
    Just letting you know someone in our town saw something about you 2 on the TV here in our town.

  3. Feet are still freezing, numb, finger tips also. We have seen some of the most beautiful sights that the world has to offer. You have to take the good with the bad. Our boat is high and dry right now, we were refueling on a slow pumb. If you can believe it, while filling the first of our tanks, the boat became high and dry. The pump was say a gallon every three minutes, so to say I was busy doing other things without realizing the tide was dropping.