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Friday, August 28, 2009

The Storm Has Found Us ! ! !

Ralph via SAT phone (transcribed)
That storm we were trying to outrun is on us. We cannot outrun it now, it has found us!
The waves are huge and breaking all around us. We have about 40 miles to go. We are going south… (The remainder is garbled from the wind and cannot be transcribed)
God Bless


  1. Well, what can I say. This was more excitement than anyone should be allowed to have. We made it, but it wasn't a dry run. I got soaked really good just 15 minutes after leaving the pilot boat that was video taping us leaving the Shetland Islands. Ralph said sorry as he was driving. The water caught me as I was just zipping up my jacket, needless to say, as I ducked and lowered my head exposing the funnel formed between the back of by head and the collar. That 54 degree F water was a cool sensation as it worked it's way down my back and into my jeans. Needless to say, that splash wasn't the last one of the day.

    We weren't able to be video taped leaving the Faroe islands, probably too foggy or we didn't give the helecopter enough warning as to our departure. We moved it up a day because of the small weather window.

    I want to say thanks to all the people of the Faroe Islands. From our place to dry off and get fed with a place to sleep...Linjohn;--- to our next resident and tourguide in the Faroes...Elin;---to all the really cool people that helped us in so many ways. There is no way that I could list them, mainly because I'm not too good remembering names and the list would be too long. special thanks to the boat yard for help lifting the boat out of the water, the guy who is shipping some of our unnessisary junk back home so the boat would be less cluttered and lighter; discounts with some of our purchases; And special thanks to all the Media that is helping us spread the word about our trip...Do More than Just Say Thanks Bob Brown

  2. Although we were only in the Shetland Islands for less than 24 hours, Maurice did some incredible work. He had organized a huge camera reception for our arrival. Found us a hotel to stay in (the name slips me right now, but Ralph will be sure to give credit when he wakes up and post a blog in the morning. He is again wiped out and alseep..) Maurice also invited us out for a meal of fish and chips, drove us around for weather checks at the Coast Guard Station, tour of the town, arranged for someone to help us fuel up the boat: "I am Second" by hauling the now 9 jerry cans (5 gallons each); probably had something to do with the pilot video tapping our departure and also possibly the helecopter that video taped us 40 miles out from the Orkney Islands. Thanks again Maurice, you have a beautiful country :The Shetland Islands (I wish I had the time to go with you on a real tour of the whole island, but our kitchen passes are way over-due and we miss our families. When we get a break in the weather, we gotta go. Thanks to Pete for the hotel and the Coast Guard Station for all their friendly help and advice; and of course all the Media...Please anyone who has video and pics, send them to so we can have a full record of our trip. Bob Brown